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is to add the preferences that are specified in the corresponding xml.

In my implementation I have added a method that sets the selected value below the title.

Although two headers can also use the same Preference Fragement based on the Intent Data passed.

Finally you implement the )" You should definitely go through the android guide on this to understand how you can pass data through Intents and how exactly to specify the headers in the XML resource file.

Home Activity : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 …

: Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Activity Manager(60): Starting activity: Intent : Home Activity(352): *** Stopped service : Activity Manager(60): Displayed activity nl.jteam/.settings.

An Android application will often need to have a dedicated section (page/Activity) where the user should be able to modify the app settings like enable/disable notifications, backup and sync data with cloud, etc.

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So two different headers should have two different inner Preference Fragment classes inside your Activity which should extend Preference Activity.

Which is why you shouldn’t do this: Shared Preferences.

On Shared Preference Change Listener m Listener = new Shared Preferences. and then in on Resume() prefs.register On Shared Preference Change Listener(m Listener); Although I think the use case in which we made our Preference Activity or Preference Fragment implementation implement Shared Preferences.

Just a heads up, I’ll be making use of String literals heavily in the XML resources, but you should consider using String resources because of its advantages.

It is recommended to use method gives a deprecated warning in Android Studio.

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