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Victoria accuses Angel of drugging her because she has no idea how this happened.

Angel says that she just wanted to spend some time with Victoria and if she does five activities with her then the cast can come off. I had some technical difficulties with my footage, but here it is.

Jessica is in a much better mood in this 50 picture gallery.

This gallery takes place around the middle of her clip.

She calls her male friend who she knows has a foot fetish and teases him, telling him that maybe he can come over and kiss her toes.

Later, she gets out of bed and has another accident, breaking her other leg.

Continuing from the last gallery, Jessica is posing on the couch looking gorgeous in her SLCs and arm casts with her black hair. Then she lays back and holds her SLCs up in the air.

Her arms are bound behind her back with a spreader bar, limiting her reach. Follow Jessica as she does her work around the house in her casts, tries to eat, and finally struggles to get herself up off the floor!

Adara Jordan's first shoot with me and she's getting an SHS! Finally, there's some footage of her modeling a nice long toe wiggling shot. Today, I present you with a gorgeous new model, Adara!

This clip shows all the major steps in making the casts with all the boring stuff cut out.

Victoria and Angel wake up on the couch Christmas Eve with their legs casted together in a ULC!

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