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Then, when bandits take over the school and hold the girls hostage, Miri finds her inner strength and clarity of purpose. When an old enemy of the kingdom sends out dangerous beasts to attack Will’s master, Will is instrumental in getting help and killing the creatures. Even though she gets her dream to work in the faire as a squire, she also just wants to be like the other girls at her school, too.

by Sharon Draper REALISTIC Hands-down one of the best life-changing books you’ll ever read. Action, fantasy, adventure, friendship, excellent writing — this book has it all! by Victoria Jamieson REALISTIC / COMING OF AGE / GRAPHIC NOVEL Growing up, Imogene (aka. Her journey is painful and honest as she figures out who she wants to be.

Miri and the other girls in her mountain village are ordered to attend a newly created school to learn enough to be considered wife material for the prince. Flanagan FANTASY (series) Will is apprenticed to become a Ranger, a job he’s unsure about.

But the prince, when he does appear, sees cold and unfriendly making Miri reconsider what she wants. But as he develops a relationship with his master and learns what being a Ranger is all about (spying for the kingdom), and comes to embrace his new life.

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It’s difficult for both the woman and children to trust but slowly the trust grows and all three regain something lost — hope and love.

“ by Stuart Gibbs SCI FI (series) (series) review written by 11-year old JJ This series was AMAZING! I can never turn down a good, realistic sci-fi PLUS murder mystery. It was placed in 2040 and their second-in-command had died.

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