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Island Rab has also won several domestic awards; Blue Flower and Touristic flower and in 2010 it won two 1st Awards for the best touristic town on the Adriatic under 10.00 inhabitants.

In addition to premium tourist destination awards, many workers on the island have also won various awards in their profession.

The town of Rab is truely a treasure of this island.

That is why many day 'once Rab - always Rab' and return year after year or even settle here., with the town as beautiful as Dubrovnik and the green woods as on Mljet...

This island is one of the most forested of the Adriatic islands.

Rab has over three hundred water wells that make it an actual botanical garden.

Island has no industry plants, so the nature is protected and the islanders make their living predominately through tourism, trade and traditional crafts. Main economies are agriculture, fishery, ship building, trade and tourism.

With its mild climate, the soft island air, luxurious vegetation, the clear dark blue sea and the hospitality of the inhabitants the island Rab has been a tourist magnet already for 120 years.

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