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We're always being asked to save the world, so it's nice when we're given the chance to destroy instead.In Pandemic 2 you design and unleash an virus, parasite or bacterium, and watch as it spreads through the world.Either these bits are too easy, or the difficulty gradient is too shallow, but my main concern here was getting back to the building phase in order to finish construction of my outstanding hamlet.Gridland doesn't appear to have quite as many surprises as A Dark Room—and, crucially, it's not a game that will play itself while you check Twitter—but it's an unassumingly lovely and charming hybrid that will eat a good chunk of your weekend regardless. Play it online here The theme of the most recent Ludum Dare was "connected worlds".You play as a mouse cursor trapped in a maze filled with other mouse cursors.These are the game's other players, and your progress is reliant on their actions.Neat little elements of this phase include the need to match corn to feed your heroic worker, and the way he or she will lug blocks and hammer nails when milestones are met.

Your catty, triangular little hero has a shadowy doppelganger, who emerges when you're parallel to a big orange mirror thing in the middle of most screens.To complete the level, cursors need to make their way to the green square.The solution is to send one cursor each to the red and blue squares, where they can click the required number of times to lift the barriers – opening the path to the green square for those players waiting in the middle.Superdimensional won the competition with its clever dimension-switching structure.Your task is to indirectly guide a ball by using your mouse to expand pocket dimensions.

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