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The disk is attributed to a site near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt, in Germany, and associatively dated to 1600 BC.It has been associated with the Bronze Age Unetice culture.The disk and its accompanying finds are now held at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle.The two looters received sentences of four months and ten months, respectively, from a Naumburg court in September 2003.Excavated extensively in 1986–1987, the Klingenberg enclosure has two ditches across a loess promontory, traces of a palisade inside the inner ditch, remains of burnt superstructure in both ditches, numerous pits both inside and outside, and numerous dog remains.There are some signs of pre-enclosure occupation in the MK II and III/IV phases, but the bulk of activity belongs to the MK V/Munzingen phase.A formal chronological approach combines the detailed archaeological information from the excavation with radiocarbon dates on carefully selected samples, here mainly charred cereals or articulated or articulating animal bones, in a Bayesian statistical framework. Samples for two MK III/IV pits suggest a date in the 40th–39thcenturies cal BC.MK V/Mz activity began at the very end of the 39thand the start of the 38thcentury cal BC.

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If you believe that any material held in STORRE infringes copyright, please contact [email protected] providing details and we will remove the Work from public display in STORRE and investigate your claim.Publisher policy allows this work to be made available in this repository.Published in Praehistorische Zeitschrift Volume 91, Issue 2, Pages 225–283, December 2016, by De Gruyter.The hunters were operating without a license and knew their activity constituted looting and was illegal.They damaged the disk with their spade and destroyed parts of the site.

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