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In order to permanently stay as a human, I need to meet my true love.

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For me this drama is just so wonderful and amazing. Like there's no reason whatsoever why and how he can become old like that. don't tell be it's the character, cause she was stiff from start to end. While ahn jae hyeong was soo good, she doesn't seem to be able to catch up. I think everyone who's seen this knows who I'm talking about :( Also I feel like this would have a sequel, the ending needed some explanation, it was a bit confusing @[email protected] But the chemitsry between them is very pleasant to the eyes :) and i totally love the supporting actors for joo hyunwoo, nam chulhoon, min gayeon, jung jitae, and choi sooeun! ahn jae hyeon .week character, so I have not found the chemistry between the two of them...maybe you need to develop your acting skills..Let’s Eat There’s a mysterious murder in my neighborhood, but who cares? And the mysterious food blogger who I adore so much all these times is actually my neighbor and my soulmate.The Surplus Princess I was a modern mermaid who temporarily became a human to chase after my favorite chef oppa.Gap Dong I witnessed a serial killer in action back then when I was a kid. I was confused with a serial killer copycat but in the end I succeed to catch the real killer.Turns out the killer is my co-worker who is also a cop.

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