Stupid cupid speed dating las vegas

If there was such a thing as a pure, concentrated dose of Vegas, “VEGAS! David Saxe’s newest creation celebrates the entertainment history of Las Vegas, with more than 40 singers and dancers and 11 musicians celebrating everything that made this city great in the first place. The Show” pays tribute to the Rat Pack era, Elvis, Sonny and Cher, the city’s many magic acts, Elton John and more, but these aren’t tribute artists dressed like performers of Vegas’ past: “VEGAS! This is fitting, as the show’s name itself is French for “the dream.” An emotional soundtrack accompanies the aquatic and aerial manuevers of this show, as couples dance around the specially-constructed stage platforms and dream-like characters perform gymnastic spectacles off of a wire-frame globe.The Show” is all about celebrating the performers and what they might be like if there were still around today. The circle-shaped theater provides a good vantage point for the action, no matter where you are seated.Tickets start at .40, with showtimes at 8 and 10 p.m.

And of course, you can visit one of the most romantic spot in Las Vegas — the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower.Also admire the ,000 Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka Martini, garnished with a diamond engagement ring.In the Shoppes at Mandalay Place, 632-7714; in Monte Carlo, 643-7800.Guests can start off the anti-Valentine’s Day celebration with a open bar from 8 until 10 p.m. until midnight for only for ladies and for guys.The Silverton Casino Lodge is hosting “Stupid Cupid” Saturday at 7 p.m.

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