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Leonard has a fight with Sheldon and has to wear an itchy red sweater after he makes a "major" indiscretion.

Wil Wheaton helps Sheldon deal with his new found celebrity status, while Leonard's work completely disproves Sheldon's discovery.

Sheldon wants to ruin something for Amy after she ruined the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie for him. Amy starts working at Caltech which causes friction with Sheldon after Howard mentions that he wouldn't want to work with Bernadette.

Sheldon leaks his comments to Bernadette causing a big fight for the Wolowitzes.

One hundred percent of the time, whether you're around or not. But you don't mind dealing with it, because you think it's kind of cute.

It's never intentional (or it shouldn't be—if it is, you shouldn't be with them) and they usually don't realize they're coming off as pretentious at all. They look at the world differently, so they may overlook things that other people see as normal.

As of March 2014, The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for a further three seasons.

Raj has closure and meets with Lucy who is now seeing someone else.This news was celebrated by an Instagram post from Kaley Cuoco of a picture of her and her co-stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons ( NPJu Wa R/) In Season 7, Penny is concentrating on her career trying to make acting a full-time activity and Amy is pushing Sheldon deeper in their relationship.Sheldon and Penny bond at home over missing Leonard, while Amy and Bernadette bond while at a biology conference.Raj tries to meet women since he can now talk to them, while Leonard was having such a great time on the North Sea that he doesn't appear to be missing Penny.Beverly Hofstadter writes a psychology book about Leonard which Penny buys and reads.

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