Updating old phones dating guidelines for teen

The battery life issue doesn't seem to be based on anything in particular - if you're listening to a lot of music on Spotify or keeping things updating in the background then it'll eat the power without you really noticing, leading to around 30% when it's time to go home.Keeping the screen brightness down will help a little here - but if Apple could make an OLED screen work on the i Phone then it would take back even more battery life.

That means if you see Facebook is taking most of your battery and constantly updating when you're not looking, you can disable it to get back that life (and not really lose much functionality).

The move will disable certain aspects like the phone constantly listening out for you saying 'Hey Siri', or keeping your mail updated in the background.

In fact, if you're not bothered about the phone constantly listening for your 'Hey Siri' voice command, I couldn't really see a problem with using Low Power Mode all the time - apart from the fact the battery colour moves from green to yellow to signify that the phone is in the lower effort mode.

The i Phone 6S dropped down to 70% power left, which isn't a great score.

It's even worse when you consider that the i Phone 6 managed to get to only 74% in the same test - like for like, the older model is capable of running longer.

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