Updating on new technology

Apple launches a new version of its own-grown operating system every year – and it often leaves many i Phone and i Pad owners deliberating over whether they’ll end up regretting updating their expensive devices.There are some clear and compelling advantages to updating your operating system.We’ll be retesting i Phones with i OS 11 to bring you our full verdict on whether the update is a genuine upgrade if you’re currently using a previous version.

The above only really scratches the surface of the modifications brought by i OS 11.Content within the tabs seems well categorised, too – for example, a selection of games that won’t take up much of your time, and top free apps.However, it’s too early to tell whether the App Store will truly transform into something more than a quick-stop shop.A clear focus seems to be making the App Store feel more personalised, and something you’ll spend time browsing rather than just visiting quickly to download an app.It seems like a sensible new layout, especially with the separation of games and apps.

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